Michiana Ice hosts U.S. Figure Skating test sessions at the Compton Family Ice Arena. The U.S. Figure Skating test structure is often called the “backbone of U.S. Figure Skating.” Starting with the first test you take, through your entire career, it is the national standard that you are measured against. The level you enter in competitions is determined by your highest test passed. Each U.S. Figure Skating test that you pass goes on your permanent record, and is an achievement you always carry with you. U.S. Figure Skating’s test structure can be compared to karate, and the process of an athlete earning belts until they achieve their black belt.

Learn more about tests from U.S. Figure Skating's All About Tests document.

U.S. Figure Skating Permission Form (PDF)

In order for a skater to participate in a U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned event at a club other than his/her home club, this form must be completed by an officer of the skater’s home club and sent to the club hosting the event.

No upcoming test sessions. Check back for updates


Michiana Ice is proud of the following skaters who have successfully passed U.S. Figure Skating tests.

Preliminary Moves in the Field

Ashley N

Beatrix M

Nicole C

Taylor S

Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field

Adeline M

Ashlyn J

Cameron G

Kelly K

Lauren L

McKenna D

Paloma R

Scarlett P

Taylor S

Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Cameron G