Members of Michiana Ice can represent the club at various U.S. Figure Skating competitions. If you are looking for a specific competition, ask a Michiana Ice coach or check out U.S. Figure Skating's event search

*New this year *

Michiana Ice Competitive Team

The goal for the Michiana Ice Competitive Team is to help promote a team environment within an individual sport. Competitions can be stressful for skaters and families. We hope the formation of this team will help build confidence in skaters by supporting one another and for parents to learn the ins and outs of competitions.


If you decide to join the competitive team here are some things to expect:

  • We will coordinate a mock competition the week of or prior to competition and provide feedback

  • We will put an itinerary together of when skaters are competing

  • Coordinate a cheering section

  • provide parent education to first time competitors/reminders of competition etiquette

  • Find meeting places in the rink to check in and answer any questions

  • Coordinate a dinner/lunch to celebrate

  • An outlet to answer any and all questions!

Does it cost extra to join?

No! This is simply a way to bring skaters together to share our love of the sport.

Who can join?

Any Michiana Ice member, Learn to perform member, USFS member, or Learn to Skate member. Whether you are a seasoned competitor or this is your first competition, all are welcome. 

How do I join the Competitive Team?

If you are planning to compete this season, please send an email to The competitions listed below are competitions in our area that many skaters are planning to compete in. If you are attending any of those competitions please let us know so we can start coordinating. If there is a competition that is not listed that your skater is planning for, please let us know! We would love to help coordinate other competitions if multiple skaters are attending!

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